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Literary Eye GCSE English

LITERARY EYE GCSE English comprises a series of text-based magazines plus student guides to poetry and reading and writing non-fiction.

Created to develop your students' enthusiasm for English and boost their grades, these magazines are targeted at 9-4 grade students and are ideal for use in the classroom, for homework and as the basis for an effective revision programme.

A new way to explore set texts

Each of the text-based titles combines insightful analysis and engaging activities in a way that will challenge and inspire your students and develop their skills as critical readers.

Written by experienced teachers and examiners, each 24-page magazine is divided into six sections that provide a thorough introduction to the text:

  • Context - a summary of the social, historical and literary context;
  • Chapter notes - chapter-by-chapter, or act-by-act, analysis of the text;
  • Characters - evaluations of the major characters;
  • Themes - discussion of the text’s key themes, ideas and issues;
  • Structure - looking at important structural features and devices;
  • Exam practice - possible exam questions and how to approach them.

A range of activities throughout each magazine encourages students to respond critically and imaginatively to a text, exploring ideas, characterisation and settings as well as the author's language and techniques.

Titles covering the four poetry clusters in the AQA Poetry Anthology are also available. Each poem in a cluster is examined in terms of Mood, Voice, Structure, Themes, Language and Sound. The shared themes and stylistic techniques are explored, and similarities and differences highlighted. Advice on writing comparisons is provided, along with a worked example.

Priced at just £1.00 each, titles in the series are sold in Student Sets of five copies (£5.00 per set).

Teacher Notes

A set of invaluable Teacher Notes (priced £30.00 plus VAT) is available to support each title. The Teacher Notes provide responses, where appropriate, to the activities in the magazines, a range of Starter and Extension Activities, a series of short tests on knowledge of the text, and photocopiable Activity Sheets examining, for example, key characters and events or passages of text.

The Teacher Notes are published in PDF format and will be emailed to you. If you place a single order for five or more Student Sets of one title (i.e. 25 or more copies), you will automatically be emailed the Teacher Notes absolutely FREE.

Poetry - The Student Toolkit (second edition)

An invaluable skills-based student guide to reading poetry critically

Reading & Writing Non-Fiction - The Student Toolkit

The essential student guide to understanding and writing non-fiction texts

Student Sets

Titles in the LITERARY EYE series are sold in sets of five, priced at £5.00 per set. A ‘set’ contains five copies of the same magazine.

Teacher Notes

Teacher Notes are available to support each magazine title, priced at £30.00 (+ £6.00 VAT). The Teacher Notes are published in PDF format and will be emailed to you.

FREE Teacher Notes

If you place a single order for five or more Student Sets of one title, you will automatically be emailed the accompanying Teacher Notes absolutely FREE.